Grendle’s, Yummy Soup and Snark-tastic Holiday Cards!

I am really lucky. My friend, Ivy Ross rode her bike across town on Thursday to get me money from Grendel’s coffee shop and to get Grendle’s more Snarky Cards.

Grendle's: Yummy Sandwiches and Soup and now New Snarky Cards!
Grendel's: Soup and Yummy Sandwich's and now New Snarky Cards!

They are now the 2nd place in Portland where you can get your Snarky Christmas Cards. They also have amazingly good Sandwich’s and soup.

So, if you’re on Burnside, across from the Jupiter Hotel, and you want a sandwich and a Snarky Christmas Card, you can get them at the same spot:

Isn’t that terrif?

The Amazing and Serendipitous Ivy Ross!
The Amazing and Serendipitous Ivy Ross!

I don’t mean to make you jealous, but when she stopped by my house, she also sang a little bit for me. Ivy’s voice makes you feel like the everything is right with the world. If you don’t believe me, that’s ok, myspace has proof:

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