Snarky Holiday Cards and Yummy Pastries

Cakes from Sweetness!
Cakes from Sweetness! I mean, seriously, have you ever seen grapes on a cake? It's pure genius there!

The Snarky Holiday Cards are in! Yup, your friendly neighborhood bakery, Sweetness Cafe, now has Snarky Holiday Cards! That’s right! Now you can send delightful missives hand-painted and crafted to your loved ones, explaining that you’d rather drink and have sex than come home from the Holidays. And while you giggle at the thought of them opening your Big News, you can munch on rich and delicious baked goods. For some examples of yumminess:

This is all thanks to the do-goodery of one: Ilana The Great! Ilana also brings to you: The SuperAlisa Snarky Card Blog. She’s a crazy-good webdesigner. You can check her out at: Isn’t she marvelous?

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