The Bicycle Circus

I joined a circus once. I needed a ride, and it was going my way, and Kaytea was in it, so she introduced me and I worked really hard and they fed me whiskey and kept me dirty and at the end of it all, Kaytea and I were go-go dancers.

body-vs-bike-modsIt’s called Cyclecide, and someday I’m gonna hang with them again. They make crazy-cool bikes; one of which breathes fire. They also make rides out of bikes. It’s fuckin’ awesome.

The other night, seeing Fenbi play at the after-party for the Nanda (also circus folk) show reminded me of my circus days.

So, as a tribute to the Bicycle Circus, I posted another bike card, for the Bike-Kids of the world to hit on and reject other Bike-Kids with. I hope you like it.

And don’t forget! I’m going to be at The Fenbi Show tonight at 8pm @ The Ash Street Saloon! I’ll have new “The economy sucks” Snarky Cards! It’s gonna rock and roll!

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