Chance Of Rain: Coolest of The Cool

The delicious and delightful Chance Of Rain!
The delicious and delightful Chance Of Rain!

I stopped by Chance Of Rain today and restocked their Snarky Card Stash.

So all of you Southeast Portlanders, get on over there to get your The Economy Sucks! Cards. They’ve extended their hours for Winter, because they know that you  wanna hang around somewhere warm, with good music and play board games with your friends, while cute boys serve you yummy food. And now you can from 8am to 10 pm!

under-employedThe economy sucks, and I appreciate all of the Snarky Card buying everyone is doing. Thanks for still supporting my business in this time of scary. I appreciate you all very much. And as a token of my appreciation, I give you: Underemployed! A card for your out-of-work lover.

I discounted it by $1, because I know you’re really buying it for someone without a job. And you may be nervous about yours.

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