The Facebook Guide (better living through internet)

Isn't she gorgeous?
Isn't she gorgeous?

That’s right. There’s a fucking Facebook guide! It’s on The Internets, and it’s written by this Hot Internet Genius named Sugarrae. She’s a gun for hire to help you build your web business. And she is smart and funny and totally hot.


My friend Lisa has a theory about Facebook. She’s sure that it’s The Matrix. That all of the time that we spend Not On Facebook isn’t real. “But I’m not on Facebook” Dan said while they snow-shoed up some sort of mountain. “Yeah. That means that you don’t exist to me.” She explained sadly.

In honor of the delicious Sugarrae, and Lisa’s rad theory, I give you: It’s Complicated. For all of you fuckers who can’t explain succinctly what’s going on in your bedrooms.

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