Snarky Cards go to Seattle

I know I wrote a long time ago about wanting to go to Seattle. And I still do. However, I don’t have enough money. And also, I don’t have anyone to cat-sit.

A new room-mate would solve both of those problems, and I’m now actively looking to find someone super-cool who would like to live with me at The Art Shack. So if you know anyone in Portland, Oregon, who digs the SouthEast area, and doesn’t mind a stoney room-mate with funky hours, let ’em know I’d really like to meet ’em!

Seattle I'm Totally Gay For You!
Seattle I'm Totally Gay For You!

A few days ago, I got an note on etsy, from Jody, who said that she had included one of my cards in one of her blogs. It turns out, that Jody makes Blackbird Tees, and she owns a shop called Flock, in Seattle Washington. I emailed her back, and asked if she’d like to sell Snarky Cards in her shop, and she said yes! That’s the first shop selling my cards in Seattle! So Seattle will be able to get their Snarky Card Fix, while I look for the perfect room-mate. Isn’t that rad?

I’m posting my room-mate ad on Craigslist. You can see for youself! In the meantime, expect to see some Snarky Cards in Seattle this week!

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