Welcome Genie’s Cafe!

Doesn't the food look delicious? I love how there's coffee and a Bloody Mary in front of the eggs.

Snarky Cards are now available in Genie’s Cafe! Which, if you don’t know, is a delicious breakfast/lunch cafe on Division, in SE Portland. It’s the best place to drink before noon in town! And now, while you’re revving your alcoholic engines, feeding your hang-over or even just having Saturday Morning Breakfast with your family , you can enjoy Snarky Delights!

I know that sounds insane, why would anyone get up, before noon on a Saturday? And for family? I totally don’t get it, but I saw people do it last week, so I know it happens. And if you are someone who likes that sort of thing, well, then I will pretend to not judge you.

soul-suckingAs a celebration of all things awesome, I give you the newest Snarky Card: Soul-Sucking! I know the economy still sucks, more than we’d like it to. So, I’m going to slip you some more The Economy Sucks Cards this week! It’s like, a whole series! I hope you like it.

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