Life, as usual

The Chili Pepper Dress KT made that I wear all the time to sell!
KT made my Chili Pepper Dress! For her. I stole it. She tried to steal it back, but I wouldn't let her.

I love KT. And it was really good to see her this week. I drank too much, and I smoked too much, and I spent more money than I meant to, but KT is my family. And getting wasted with her is therapy. For me and all the other people around us. We were sharing a cab back from The East Burn with this girl, who was bummed out because she came to see a boy in a band that had played that night. This boy apparently hasn’t responded to her ardor. She lamented in the cab.

“Ok, you got to tell him, he has two options.” KT slurred confidently. ” Either you’re going to break his knees or you’re going to fuck him. Either way, he gets lasagna.” the cab driver, and her step-father lost it. And I smiled to myself. KT is a genius. And I love it when other people notice. She fixed my life up, like Judi, but with whiskey, and weed and cigarettes and stern cooking instructions and skirt patterns.

loving-you-is-gayTwo nights ago I got out of bed, to have a cigarette with my room-mate, KT was sharing with me, her friend Carter was sleeping on the couch. But KT always sleeps with me. It’s been a couple of years since she’s been to Portland, though. “It’s like those big pile-ons.” she muttered when I got out of bed. “What?” I asked. “You know, those big, orange pile-on’s?” She asked. “Yeah, what about them, KT?” I was confused. “Our butts, bumping in the bed. It’s like those giant pile-ons meeting.” She explained. I laughed. “Yeah, that is a lot of ass for one bed.” Maybe you haven’t seen The Mountain (which is what I call my ass) but if you have, imagining two in one bed is almost impossible. Which is kinda what I think about me and KT. I can’t believe I’ve found someone who is so exactly like me in most ways, and so surprisingly different in others. So, this card is for KT. I hope she likes it. And I hope you do too!

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