My Valentines Day

Dear Internets,

Last night’s Valentines Day was really fun. I made cards, and people laughed, and I got to show off my pretty new red dress (pictures pending). Claire came to hang out with me during and after the show. Claire is one of my best friends. And she moved here last month, to live with me, and our gay cats. Claire and I lived together before, two years ago, for 3 glorious months, before we were torn apart by her acceptance to UC Berkeley.

Now, she’s returned, with a Rhetoric Degree (do not ask me what that is) under her arm, and a deeper appreciation for Portland. It’s nice having her home, finally. I have been calling the extra bedroom in my apartment “Claire’s Room” since she left. Which was awkward for Krista, Libby and Patrick, who liked to think of the room as theirs.

Living with Claire is awesome. She buys cat food, and cleans the kitchen, and likes to eat vegetables. Also, she almost pissed her pants laughing at The Biggest Loser. “What a horrible show!” she choked out. “I mean, making fat people do these humiliating challenges…” I started laughing too, with relief. Finally, someone who sees what I see. She’s reading my books, and we’re having conversations about the characters like they’re real people. She can watch 12 hours of Criminal Minds, and she calls Agent Hotch Greg, from Dharma and Greg. Because he’s still playing that guy, and everyone knows it.

In short, today I got to spend the night hanging out with my Valentine, Claire. My non-sexual life partner, who has recently completed me. I’m so happy, I hope I’m making you vomit.



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