Fenbi for St. Patricks Day!

Dear Internets,

As you know, I have a big crush on The Fenbi International Superstars. Their name makes no sense, but it doesn’t stop this band of hot boys from making amazing music.

And tonight they’ll be playing at The Dublin Pub 6821 Southwest Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway, from 10pm until closing time.

Their last show @ The Ash Street Saloon was a total dance party!

For those of you who haven’t hear them, Fenbi is delicious. Their music sounds like old Irish drinking music, but they write all the words (and music) themselves. So, you find yourself singing along to the chorus, or dancing your ass off, to a tune that sounds familiar, and words that sound new. I’m a big lyric freak. I don’t listen to music without words. Period. And the first time I saw them, they entranced me with lyrics that managed to be both dirty and funny at the same time. Their signature song is the one that caught me, 2 years ago, at Kelly’s Olympian:

“Is the life that you lead just a little boring/ is every single day like the one before/ have you turned to a life of heavy drinkin’/ to drown out the fact that you’re a corporate whore.”

By the time Mike started wailing “I think you’re bad enough/ I think you’re good enough/ You’ll never get enough/ I heard you like it rough” I was hooked. Something about how he sings “I heard you like it rough” makes your thighs itch, Todd’s bass playing makes your hips move even harder than you expected -and ohgod! His acordian playing! What that man can do with his fingers is inspirational and enticing. Orian’s fiddle serenades you underneath it all, completing the seduction.

If you don’t have any St. Paddy’s Day plans, meet me there for new Snarky Cards, and sexy boys playing sexy music at you. I’ll be wearing my prostitute dress for the occasion. So, there’ll probably be some nipple poking out by the end of the night.  Hope to see ya there!



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