Dear Internets,

I’m back in San Francisco! The land of awesome. I spent last night celebrating my friend Emily’s birthday, and then I went out selling. I hit up the Elbow Room, which was a bust. I sold a few cards, but it’s too dark to read in there, and nobody was really into my shit.

So, I headed over to Zeitgeist, one of the happiest places on earth. Where I sold a fuckton of cards. I missed the Bart back to Oakland, so I crashed with my friend Joe. Well, I actually crashed at his girlfriend’s studio. Julia and I, it turns out, have the same deep-seeded love for Lesbian folk rock, and 90’s Chick Rock. So we had a 2 hour sing-a-long to The Indigo Girls, Ani Difranco, Fiona Apple and Tori Amos. It was fucking awesome. This morning I woke up, still drunk, but very satisfied with my girlie-bonding night.

This card is inspired by my childhood! I hope you like it!

Now I’m headed down to San Jose to celebrate God’s passing me over for death. Passover is the only religious holiday I celebrate. I’m not Jewish, but I love the ceremony. I grew up in a Christian Fundamentalist household, so all the stories are familiar. But they don’t have the same interpretation in┬áJudaism. My life as a Christian was hard. Christians tend to re-interpret God for each other over and over again. And the God I heard about was a jealous, controlling stalker who liked to punish me for my perceived wrongs, or sometimes for no reason at all. In short, the God I heard about in church as a kid was a total dick. And I do not wanna deal with him again. But the God of passover, the God I hear about at Seder is kind and funny, and you know he loves you because your friends make yummy food, and laugh and drink a lot of wine in his honor.

Tomorrow night I’m going to be going out, selling some more Snarky Cards in The Mission District. If you wanna meet up, and get some new snarky cards, drop me a note or send me a smoke signal, and I’ll be happy to meet up!



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