Cards For Shannon

Dear Internets,

My little sister, Shannon, is a lesbian.
I went through a dating girls period in my early 20’s. I always felt guilty for not choosing women. They’re the obvious choice. They’re better than men. They’re smarter than men. They’re sexier. And being with women means that you don’t have to explain obvious stuff, like your period hurting, or why you want to know what someone else is thinking.
But after a brief period of dating women, I decided that I shouldn’t date girls just because I was afraid of men. And that I should figure out my shit. And if I could figure out how to deal with men in a way that didn’t scare/intimidate/traumatize me, then I could make a choice, a real choice to choose to be with women. But until then, I took it off the table for myself.
And by the time I’d worked through all of my shit with men, I wasn’t as attracted to women anymore.
Shannon and I are close. She’s seen me deal with all of my shit.

When I confessed my guilt to her about my belated straightness, she scoffed at me. “You were the first person I’ve ever met who was bi-sexual and completely comfortable with it. Because of you, I knew it was OK to be gay.” She reassured me.
So, even though I didn’t ultimately become a lesbian. I gave the gays one of the funniest, smartest people I know.
Which, when you look at my dating history, is probably a better gift than the gift of my actual Vagina.

These cards areĀ  for her and all the other lovely ladies out there that are lucky enough to love each other. I’m glad I can witness your love and help you express how you feel to each other.



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