Snarky Cards: Saving The World One Fucked Up Relationship At A Time!

motorboatUnicorn MotorboatDear Internets,

My name is Alisa Starr. I make Snarky Cards: Brutally Honest Greeting Cards. I sell them online, and in bars from a box that hangs beneath my boobs. When I sling my cards at the bar, you get a free motorboat with a $20 purchase. Here are some motorboat pictures to keep you busy while I tell you a story.

motorboat 3feelings bonerLast night I got lost, meeting a friend for coffee. I wandered into the wrong coffee shop, and I saw one of my regular customers; Ben. He’s a guy who buys my cards with regularity. And he is a great story-teller. And the stories he tells me are usually about What Happened When He Gave My Cards To Someone Else. And last night, while Ben was taking me from the wrong coffee shop, to the right coffee shop, a half a block away (neither of which was a Starbucks, I kinda love this town), he told me another story.

“A friend of mine, was thinking about checking out. I mean, he was Awesomehaving a seriously hard time. And killing himself was on the table. And then he got the Snarky Card I sent him in the mail. And he laughed so hard, he called me. And he told me about his suicidal thoughts. And, now I’m checking in on him. And he’s sticking around.” Ben and I shared a smile. One of those “Wow. We are both here.” kind of moments.

And in that moment, I just kinda, breathed, you know? Making Emotionally Disappointand selling my cards takes a lot out of me; for not a lot of money. And these are the kinds of stories that propel me forward; with the stupid-blind-faith that if I can help people fundamentally connect like that, maybe The Universe will give me a break sometime soon. In the form of help. Or a big online order. Or a benefactor.

Ben smiled at me. And said “So, Snarky Cards saves a life!” and then he offered to be a listening ear, for the next time I’ve got some trouble, winked at me, and left me at the right coffee shop, where I got to say feelings at my friend Melissa Dana. So, in honor of ┬áBen and his delightful story, I made a Snarky Discount.

fuck yourselfSo, enter the coupon code SnarkySaves, when you check out at, and you’ll get 20% off of your purchase. I hope you use your Snarky Cards to connect with someone who loves you. Or someone whom you need to stick around.



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