Snarky Duvets, Shower Curtains, Tote Bags and T-Shirts!!

racism-sucks-laptop-sleevesDear Internets,

I found this kick-ass site: Society 6! It allows me to upload my art, and then it prints it onto products, on-demand. So, now we can all enjoy this laptop sleeve.

And so many other laptop sleeves! It’s a wonderful coincidence because I recently rounded up some great pictures of my work over the ages. For an artist resume! And a portfolio.
I’ve spent so many years expecting the floor to drop out beneath me, it never occurred to me to create either thing before. I really only did it because I’ve been volunteering for this non-profit. And it’s been amazing. But, we needed to apply for grants. And I’m their resident artist. Apparently.

reach-for-the-stars-v7o-pillowsI’m someone’s artist! It’s a thing that made me laugh so hard I choked, the first time someone said it.

So, because of the grant, and my newfound status as someone’s resident artist, I had a lot of pictures of my work handy.

So, I’ve been loading Society 6 UP! with my art. And, this year, I’ve really branched out. There are paintings and memes and cards!! I’ve been making some really cool, new stuff lately. And it looks gorgeous in the Society 6 shop!!!

f-you-and-your-fing-feelings-shower-curtainsI don’t make as much money, from this artwork, as I do with the actual Snarky Cards. But, I get a cut of each thing that they sell. And I don’t have to make it, package it, and then schlep it out to the bars, trying to convince my customers to buy it. And then over email, try to convince my stores to buy it, and then worry about how fast it’s selling for them.
Because I’m not making these things myself, I’m not stressing out over every single little fucking detail. I try to make sure that my work is scaled and centered right. And then I tweet about the thing. And then I am done.

your-feelings-4h1-duvet-coversIt’s FUCKING AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!

And, my friends and customers have been delighted to look at the new stuff too!

I’ve been up for 2 weeks, and I’ve already sold 2 things. WAYYYYYY better than my early days with etsy.

It’s the first time in my life that I’ve actually been able to create passive income. Income that you don’t have to show up for. My art is making money without me.

be-less-of-a-d-mugsWhich is good, because I’ve gotten pretty tired. And bored.

And I knew that this year, something needed to move forward, or I wouldn’t be able to stick with it.

So, discovering Society 6, and making my new videos, with my new phone have made me feel like my career is going somewhere.

the-hallway-rk4-bagsThank God for the borrower economy!!

So, take a look, and lemme know whatcha think!



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