My Body is Rotting and Soon I Will Die

Dear Internets,

I haven’t been able to update much, because for the pa

st 3 months, my body has been revolting. My arms hurt a lot. All the time. And it’s been hard just to do basic take-care-of-myself stuff. Like, showering. And brushing my cats. Laundry. All of it is hard.

I’ve got some rad friends who have been spending time with me, while I sit around, trying not to do anything at all. My sister Joy is helping me a ton. And my parents have been helping me. Which is weird.

I’m seeing a different doctor 3-4 days a week. I’m applying for disability. And it’s all over-whelming and scary. And I’m in ┬álot of pain.

I can’t sell Snarky Cards in bars anymore. I have a hard time holding a big pile of them in my hands. I can type a few up a week, slowly. So, my etsy store is still up. And I can restock my stores still. But, Snarky Cards is kinda limping along, right now.

In the meantime, I’m trying to make videos. It’s easier on my hands than writing and painting.

My life has abruptly changed directions. And it’s my body’s idea, not mine. I feel like a hostage. I usually art this shit out. But, for a while, I’ll be video’ing it out instead. I hope you like ’em.


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