The Island

Dear Internets,

In some ways, this summer was incredibly easy. There were days where I couldn’t move much. And my depression became so constant, that it honed my focus, and allowed me to zero in on the things that truly bring me pleasure.

I started to realize that I love color, like it gets me high. Which is why painting gives me such pleasure. In a world where my arms hurt too much to paint, I started search out colors everywhere. I used to think that gardens were boring. I was insulted when people started talking about them to me. But this summer, I fell in love with Seattle gardens, a splash of color hangs from every street lamp. Pots of wild color guard every store and restaurant.  Seattlites put flowers everywhere.

My body is still on strike. I go to 2-4 doctor appointments a week. I look for flowers everywhere I go. Their color keeps me afloat.

In a world where painting and writing are hard for me, I’ve turned to videos. And started to record my ideas with my phone. It’s been hard for me to figure out who I am when I can’t work, or create. I’ve spent most of the last six months racking my brain, trying to figure out what I can do to get my creative ideas out, without taxing my kinda crippled body.

The answer has been these videos. It’s an art form I’ve always wanted to try. So, I comfort myself that I’m on some kind of artistic trajectory. My weird health shit is just pushing my work into a different direction, I tell myself.

I hope you like my new work as much as you liked Snarky Cards.


PS. Today’s post is brought to you by Gross Be Gone! Because Yeast Infections are Gross.

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