I’ve been saying this for years….

Thanks, Christian Fabien, for posting this. I’ve said this for years. It was nice to repost someone else saying it for once!

“Every single woman on this planet will be raped, has been raped, or will have many, many, close encounters with rape at multiple points in our lives. Some of us have us are fortunate enough to have escaped these close encounters with rape. We are painstakingly aware that it can happen day or night, when we are out with friends, co-workers, walking to our car, in another country, or even in the privacy of our own home when we are alone.

“We have learned the hard way that sometimes the men we are supposed to trust the most – police officers, security guards, teachers, managers, and even friends – are actually the worst offenders.

“We learned about sex not because we wanted to learn or we were ready to learn, but because we were forced to learn by this over-sexualized society we live in. While we were playing on swing sets in training bras, fully grown men were thinking about having sex with us.

“Because of this, women have been trained to read body language and subtle signals from men since the very moment we entered this world. We learned how to spot red flags behind what you think is charm, manners, and charisma.

“We can hear your thoughts even when you’re thinking them quietly.

“When a woman tells you that she gets a bad feeling from a man that you happen to think is a nice guy, you don’t get to tell her she is overreacting. You fucking believe her. Period. End of fucking story.”

—Found on Facebook, Author’s Name Withheld

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