Let’s Actually Help Syrians

This is who we bombed

I am anxious, and feeling sad because our “president” would rather waste 60 million on bombing Syria than helping Syrian refugees. I also feel a lot of shame. And worry. Was it a whim? What was it for? Does it help Russia and fuel their quest for World Domination? Or was it just more pointless killing of brown, destitute people?

I feel a lot like after Chancellor Merkel visited Trump and he was a truculent little shit with her. I wanted to call her and say “We’re not all like that! You’re rad! I’m sorry we elected such a shithead!”

Chancellor Merkel, who used to be a fucking RESEARCH SCIENTIST, also negotiated the Treaty of Lisbon, an international treaty which led to the EU.  She has also chaired the G8. The G8 is a gangsta group of leaders from the world’s 8 leading democracies. WHICH SHE WAS IN CHARGE OF. BECAUSE SHE’S A GOOD FUCKING LEADER WHO CAN UNITE PEOPLE.  A quality I’d like to see in one of our leaders.

45 wouldn’t even shake her hand.

These bombs are like that, except a million times worse. There is so much shame in me that Cheese-Face bombed a war zone using my money. In my name. It might  have been worth it, if it was part of a plan to end the conflict. But, it wasn’t. It was the macro equivalent of kicking a homeless person trying to sleep in the snow. Just a bully doing bullshit.

The only thing I can think of to do, to even our our karma and regain some our country’s respect, is to talk about how we can ACTUALLY help Syrians.

Here are some places to donate to, even just $5-$25 can help these organizations do what our national “leaders” would not; help the helpless. Save the survivors. Try to meet the onslaught of war with compassion. Fight evil with kindness.


These are the people we need to help. Not bomb.


Save The Children

Syrian American Medical Society

Doctors Without Borders

International Rescue Committee

Islamic Relief USA

The White Helmets

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