Snarky 2019 Wall Calendar

Dear Internets,
Last year I got a new laptop from my parents. Yes, those parents. If you’ve ever read this blog before, than you know that we’ve been estranged for a long time. But, my arms, legs and butt started going haywire about 2 years ago. And I couldn’t take care of myself. And so Jon and Sherri decided to try taking care of me. 

So they got me a laptop. And my sister started encouraging me to figure out how to create Snarky Stuff with it. Joy said the word ergonomic, like, 50x. 
And she says it in this super annoying way, sounding out the words each time, because she’s so annoyed I haven’t figured out that this is the key to a life with less pain. “ERRR-GAAAA- NA-MMMICK!” 

There were a lot of different things that had to fall into place before I was well enough to start figuring the new computer out. I’ve never had new technology before. There were a lot of buttons to push, and when pushing buttons over and over again can cause you pain, that’s intimidating.

Last summer I went to The Pain Clinic. There, 4 different doctors worked with me, to help me figure out how I can still work, with my new, constant companion, pain.

The exercises they taught me at the pain clinic and the breaks they made me figure out how to take and the medication I’ve been on for the last 2 years all worked together. And 2 years worth of rest helped me create new work out of my old best-sellers.

And now, it’s done! You can buy the Snarky Cards Calendar from me on Amazon. 

Or, if you find Amazon’s pro-slavery stance gross (which is reasonable, I do), you can buy the 2019 Snarky Wall Calendar from me on etsy. 

I have missed my cards: the words and the magical creatures, that call to me to create them. 
Dan, my printer was stoked to hear from me. “Oh, good! You’re not dead!” he texted me back. Apparently, there were rumors. He was patient and helpful throughout the creation process.

I’m still in pain. But I may live the rest of my life in pain. And I don’t want it to stop me from making art. Embracing all of that has taken a long time. 

It feels like a miracle that I made this, and now people can buy it, without me having to make it all over again. 


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