Social Scientists Spend $100,000 to Prove Women Right

Another, less catchy title for this article is: Men Invent new Grope-Recording cloth, rather than Believe Women’s Reports about their Lived Experiences.”

And ad company in Brazil, named Ogilvy spent a year building new technology, and then more time, analyzing the data and showing it to Non-Scientist Men, who also COULD NOT BELIEVE how rapey their fellow men are. 

From this work they discovered that what women had said was happening, was, in fact happening. It turns out, that women are ABSOLUTELY NOT LYING when they say that they are harassed, groped and assaulted on the regular just because they went outside.

At least 4 scientists and 1 lab was involved in PROVING THAT WOMEN ARE NOT LYING when they say scary shit happens to them. $100K was spent on this experiment.

Think of all the time and money they could have saved if they had just BELIEVED WOMEN ABOUT THE STUFF THAT THEY SAY HAPPENS TO THEIR BODIES.

Think of all we could have learned if, instead of just being surprised that women aren’t all liars, the sociologists who created this experiment were aiming to END/STOP SEXUAL ASSAULT. What if they were interested in making women safer, rather than just reveling in the terrifying rapey nightmare that is trying to exist as a woman/ non-binary female-looking person?

They could have started this experiment from “Women get groped when they go outside.” And then they could have done a REAL experiment. Like: What happens when another woman calls the groper out? What happens when another man does? What response escalates the behavior? What response diffuses it? What kind of response leads to an apology? Do men ever apologize?

Finally, the thing that I was wondering while I read this article (I was too furious to watch the video. I also don’t need to, since I already believe women). At what point does a researcher, or subject explain fucking consent to any of the assholes who are grabbing at this dress? Isn’t that the fun of a hidden camera show like this? When you get to say “Did you realize that grabbing a stranger’s body parts without their consent is rapey? Did you realize that that can really fuck another person up by doing that? Have you tried asking for consent before? Would you please do that so you don’t fuck up more strangers? Or maybe just so you don’t go to jail.” 

I didn’t see anything about a big reveal in this article. Nobody said “Surprise! We recorded you groping this dress to prove that women aren’t liars! And guess what! You did a rapey thing! Proving that women aren’t lying! Congratulations! Your sexual assault made our study!” It’s like To Catch A Predator, but they let the guy go home with his condoms and wine coolers without shaming him about trying to fuck a child. 

Ogilvy is an ad agency. This wacky experiment was a gimmick for Schweppes. I don’t know what the fuck Shweppes is. But, I WOULD KNOW and I would be trying to get us all drunk/high/sleepy/cracked out off of Schweppes if they had taken this bizarre PR stunt to a more positive place for women and non-binary people who wear dresses in public.  

So, fuck Ogilvy and fuck Schweppes for this incredibly condescending and unhelpful experiment. 

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