Klonopin, A Ping-Pong Ball and A Bath-Tub

Klonopin is my natural anti-depressant. I got him when I was in a lot of pain. And a year and a half later, he knows I’m in pain even before I do. He loves my neck. He will crawl under my hand if he needs pets and I’m not paying attention. And he is so good at playing. He can turn everything into a game. I kept ping-pong balls in the bath-tub and he would jump in and bat them around. This went on until he jumped into a bath-tub full of water. THis video was one of the best. It took a while for me to figure out what kind of message I wanted to put underneath him. I love the idea of subliminal messaging. I love the idea of creating my own equality propaganda. I wanted to make a video that shows white people and/or powerful people how to support POC. Everyone loves kitten videos. Espeically Klonopin. Special K is so adorbs. And his best friend is our neighbor Janae.
So, I know that he wants to do his part to support black women everywhere. If you have an idea for something that I could put into my next kitten video, lemme know!
Klonopin and Moose get up to some adorable shit. And I’ve been recording it, hoping to turn these subliminal messages into a movement or a series. This is the kind of art your patronage supports. You can help me make more videos by hitting up my patreon page.
Love, Alisa


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