Creeping on the creeps Alisa fucks with some politicians

every couple of months I like to fuck with some politicians. I write them specific Snarky Cards and mail those cards to their offices. I don’t know what effect this has on our culture; it may have none. But these cards make me feel like my voice is being heard.

Joe Biden touches everybody and he never asks first. He’s just used to peopleflinchingand holding still under his touch. And he thinks that’s consent. It’s horrifying to watch him talk near women.

Why is everyone pretending that Joe Biden doesn’t have Alzheimer’s? It makes me feel crazy. He can’t complete stories. He doesn’t know what year it is. He is clearly gaga. One Reagan was enough. We need a President who knows what year it is. Bare minimum.

Jim Jordan has helped several rapists keep raping. It’s weird that we know that about him and he still acts like a morally superior testicle. Sensitive. Squirmy. Useless. Kinda gross. He helped a guy rape kids at a school. I’ve met rapists. I’ve hung out with them. Usually they start revealing themselves by siding with other rapists. I wanted to Make Him Afraid. Maybe get him to slink off into a sewer on his own. I’m sure he has a victim somewhere. More men need to be afraid.

I wanted to make sure that his staff saw it and that they had to at least ask themselves a question about whether he’s a rapist when they opened his mail. Part of the reason I make this art and send it is so that the truth exists and people who make decisions about how our society should work are exposed to it.

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