Chester and Klonopin

For the last year of Chester’s Life, he had a new best friend. Klonopin was a tiny ball of crazy. He didn’t care that Chester weighed 25 pounds more than him. He’d punch him in the face whenever he felt like it. He also took a bite out of my bra.

He was so small when I took him home, he fit in my hand. I was afraid to let him sleep in my bed, I didn’t want to roll over


After a minute, he settled down. And then I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to sleep because he couldn’t stop biting my butt.

He still bites everything he likes.

And, for the last month, when Chester was starting to die, I was very stern with Klonopin. I didn’t want him to attack Chester while Chester was feeling like shit. I made a deal with Special K, that he could attack Chester, but only with licks, no biting, no punching him in the face anymore.

So, he was gentle and careful, when we got Moose.

Moose is part dog. So, he likes to herd Klonopin. And sometimes, when Moose is feeling feelings, he’ll bite Klonopin in the back (not hard, but firmly) to get them out of his body.

Until he met Moose, Klonopin thought he was the strongest cat in the world. Chester was  a really silly fighter in the first place.