Chester and Tigger


Chester and Tigger lived happily together for 11 years. They had a real, beautiful love. That’s why there are all these pics of them cuddling! They were hella gay for each other. Please don’t stress about how weird it is that you are looking at pics of my dead cats to feel better.

When he was a baby kitten, Tigger would jump into the pants I dropped, and start making himself comfortable inside my underwear. It was adorable and annoying.
This is Chester from 2007. He’s only 6, and he only weighs 15 pounds. At this point in his life, he’s got two boyfriends. This is a direct quote from him: “Sometimes I cheat on my boyfriend, Tigger, with my other boyfriend; Beau. Then they end up in sissy-ass fights with each other. I don’t mind. In the end, they both lick my balls.”






This is Tigger and Ninja, they became bff’s in the first 2 months we all lived together. The three of them had some sweet adventures and cuddles.
he’s always such an excellent snuggler





Tigger was the comfiest cat.


Tigger always had a special sigh  for when his chin hit the top of Chester’s balls. They were his happy place.

Don’t you want to rub his tummy? But you can’t because he’s a ghost!!!



Never far


In high younger years, Chester modeled hankerchiefs.
In his feels
Does he look tough or sweet to you?
always a make-out sesh
around the corner
This feels like a 90’s portrait

Can you find the Chester?