Klonopin and Moose

Moose has been a wild creature since the moment I met him.

I have decided he was a lunch lady in his past life. This is not an insult. In my elementary school, lunch ladies were beautiful and their hugs were coveted. Moose has some essential lunch lady qualities: he understands

Spanish and he always smells

like sweet flowers.

 As a cat, he’s a disaster. he will try to eat anything. And he carries his toys around in his mouth, like an actual dog. He loves beans, but will hunker down on celery. All food is good food as far as Moose is concerned.  He likes rice, lucky charms, fish pills, carrots, any kind of meat and will eat spinach as a last resort.

Moose carries around his toys in his mouth, and can play fetch for hours. His tail puffs up on the regular, and he loves chasing Klonopin down.

Klonopin and Moose have been best friends ever since the second they met. Neither of them was prepared for another cat. I put moose in the bathroom. ANd they played through the door. Klonopin spent the first night of his life with Moose trying to break into the bathroom so that they could growl at each other face to face. Now, they re-enact that first day all the time. Each of them positioning themselves behind an open door, sticking their paws underneath it, and through the crack, pretending to be apart. If Moose goes in the bathroom for a time-out, Klonpin sits and waits for him, howling if they’re apart for more than 10 minutes.