This is my Press Page.  Below are all the places that have written about Snarky Cards in the last year or so, in chronological order. And how I feel about them. Because how I feel is pretty fucking important… And in this case, possibly redundant. I mean, I’m not going to be upset about people writing about me, am I? I promise to put up more press as I find it. In the meantime, thanks for looking at all the websites and articles that feature me!

In September 2010, Craftastrophe wrote about me! Craftastrophe is an amazing website devoted to the most heinous things that etsy has to offer. They, obviously, wrote about my radness, rather than my suckiness, but it doesn’t matter. I think you all realize that there’s a fine line between love and hate. Which is why I delight in other people hating me as much as I delight in their love. Maybe more. Hate is delicious. I think it’s funny that anyone spends any time thinking about me at all. And someone spending time thinking about how much they hate me is so amazing! They don’t like me, and wish I didn’t exist, and so they think about me a lot! It’s still attention. And it’s kind of awesome attention, because it is reluctant, fixated attention. Craftastrophe lauded Snarky Cards as fabulous. I’m still reaping the benefits. And I’m in love with their scary spider-barbie too.

In September 2010, Rene Humphrey found Snarky Cards. Rene is a gorgeous girl who takes pictures of everything. Mostly she takes pictures of herself, and she is really pretty, so I totally get that. But she also takes pictures of her food. Which I have never gotten. It doesn’t make sense  to take pictures of food unless you’re trying to sell the food. But Renee takes pictures anyway. And she also takes pictures of other things. Like make-up and fashion. Lots of fashion. All of which, we know, are not my things. But I’m still flattered that she included me. Even though I totally don’t get her.

In June, 2010 Carrie from Old Soul Handmade found my cards in Tender Loving Empire and wrote about them in her blog. Old Soul Handmade is about the astonishing and inspiring things she discovers in her search for beautiful handmade arts and crafts. I was honored to be included in such a nicely described art extravaganza! She especially loved “I hate you and your hipster pedophile mustache!” ‘Young men of Portland, please here this plea!’ She exclaimed. I appreciate her blog and all of her nice words.

In January 2010, The Portland Mercury, which is an innately Snarky paper, wrote about me and Radish Underground. Gina and Celeste started Radish Underground a few years ago. It’s a small store located in downtown Portland, down the street from Powells. They specialize in local Portland designers and artists. Gina called me to order Snarky Cards before they even opened.  And I have been delighted to be part of their repertoire ever since. Gina and Celeste have become my very close friends as we suffer through the trials and tribulations of starting a small business together. We critique each other, and reassure each other, and try new things and report back to each other. I was delighted to be part of their First Year First Thursday succession of parties. They always made sure I got paid, and we always made each other laugh.

Karen Vitt, of Pdxneatsheet came to our February First Thursday and she had a rollicking good time. That night Gina and Celeste and I were running around, doing th PDX gang sign, that our good friends at Tender Loving Empire made popular through their delicious t-shirt. Can you see how hard all the girls look while they make the PDX sign? She wrote us up in her awesome blog, in which she talks about fashion successes of people she finds in Portlandia. I find it hilarious that I’m included in any kind of fashion success story.

In January 2010, I Plan It Right found my Snarky Cards in Rock’n’Rose, a local shop that carries vintage clothes and accessories. She was pretty stoked to find me and Snarky Cards. She called me ‘the greatest discovery yet!’ She seemed especially taken with my “I’m sorry I stole your bike. I was drunk. And I had to get away from you.” painting. It was pretty awesome! I Plan It Right creates parties for every occasion: weddings, baby showers, engagements, graduations. Ii was kind of amazing to be included in that array of party paraphernalia.

In December, 2009 my good friend Rhana wrote about me in her blog The Fashion Slinger. She also mentioned my painting “Bad Sexual Decisions” which went on to sell on etsy.

Rhana likes to find art, fashion, clothes and display them for the world. I was really honored when she included me along with all of the other pretty things she finds and displays for the world.

In November, 2009, A Whole Lot Of Nothing found Snarky Cards. I love Nothing. It’s a great blog. Her Idiots Of The Day page is a beautiful roll-call of the most retarded people ever to post horrifying pictures of themselves on the Internet. She is valuable to the world. And I’m glad she found value in me.

In October, 2009 Marcy from The Glamorous Life Association totally wrote a blog post about me. How awesome is that? I emailed her about writing about me and instead of responding, she just posted a rave review of me. Her blog is sexy, and she’s a funny writer. I’m a fan of Marcy too.

screenshot-a-clever-card-snark-oregon-business-mozilla-firefox1In June, 2009 an article came out about me in Oregon Business Magazine.  I think it does a good job describing my business and how I do it. It talks a lot about my marketing tactics, and why and how I decided to start Snarky Cards. I didn’t realize how comprehensive Oregon Business Magazine’s circulation was, but I’m glad that they dig me and that they’d recommend me to their friends. It’s a pretty rad article, right?


In May, 2009 Erin Garrison found me on etsy. She’s a talented photographer, and an architect. Etsy (where I sell my cards) encourages people to befriend each other and admire each other’s goods. So we did! And she was nice enough to write about me on her website.

bitch_magIn April, 2009 Bitch Magazine released their 43rd Issue: The Buzz Issue! Snarky Cards was named #15 in The Bitch List: an annotated guide to some of our favorite things!

The crazy thing is, Bitch didn’t even tell me that they had mentioned it to me! They actually moved to Portland  three years ago. They moved from Oakland, CA which is pretty close to Santa Clara, CA, where I grew up. So, when they first got here, I thought “Is Bitch stalking me?” But I hadn’t started Snarky Cards yet. So the answer was probably no. It’s possible I started Snarky Cards so that it wouldn’t be out of the question for Bitch to be stalking me. Those girls kick-ass. They are the heroes of my youth! And they honored me!


In March, 2009, Wickedly Chic profiled me as a Indie pick of the week! Wickedly Chic is Independent Shopping for the Wickedly Fashionable. It’s a site that profiles Independent Artists all over the country, finding you the coolest shit by the raddest kids. Liz, who runs it, is fair, and only writes about products she personally finds delightful. No bribes necessary. Not that I’m not above a little Snarky Card reward for publicity.

screenshot-anti-valentinee28099s-day-treats-mozilla-firefoxMiss Malaprop does the same kinda thing. Although, her site is less comercial looking than Wickedly Chick. But I dig her funky look and I really appreciate that she dug me. She wrote me up for Valentines Day, 2009.

Her mission statement is beautiful too: is where modern handmade meets sustainable design. I spotlight the best in independent designers & artists, eco-friendly and sustainable products, New Orleans & Gulf Coast based businesses and issues, and people & organizations who are working to make the world a better place. I believe that one person can make a difference and that everyone can be that person.

screenshot-moue-magazine-c2bb-blog-archive-c2bb-indie-retailer-of-the-day-snarky-cards-mozilla-firefoxMoue Magazine is the brain-child of an impressive mix of people, all of whom are seasoned writers, and most of whom are political writers/activitsts. They wrote about me in December, 2008 and the fact that they devoted blogspace to me in the first place is totally flattering; since they usually write about Important Things. Like politics, and stuff. They said that my cards have a serial-killer vibe (it’s in the typewriter)! Can you believe it? How cool is that? It’s like a double-creep-out!


Clinton, at Zombie vs Shark wrote about me after I shamelessly solicited him, also in December 2008. His review was glowing and hilarious. He’s so fucking funny, I feel really grateful that he was so into me. It means a lot that clever people like my shit. In addition to drunks, I mean. Who like me. But drunks like almost everything.


Pop Rock Candy Mountain also featured me in December, 2008. Which totally rocks, if you don’t know Pop Rock Candy Mountain, you should. They’re the Rolling Stone of The Internets. They have guest writers like Amy Sedaris, and interviews with Famous Musicians That You Dig. Personally, I was moved by their last Dar Williams interview. But I like Lesbian Folk Rock. They have interview with real musicians (who appeal to an audience of more than 15 people) too.

screenshot-smart-bitches-trashy-books-romance-novel-reviews-come-for-the-dominican-bitches-stay-for-the-man-titty-fun-gift-ideas-mozilla-firefoxIn November, 2008 Smart Bitches, Trashy Books mentioned me. Which totally rocked. Those bitches know their trash. They tell it like it is, too. I worked in bookstores for 8 years, and they’re reviews are rivaled only by those you could get from an Independent Book Store Employee. And if you can find me a bookstore employee that reads romance with as much zeal as these bitches do, I’d be very surprised. In bookstores, the romance section tends to be the pink ghetto. Most of the bookstore employees I’ve worked with look down on romance novels. But these bitches will give you the low-down on what you’re looking for without looking down on you.


In November, 2008, wrote about me too, in their spin-off blog: The Modern Materialist. They know their pop! I was so excited that they like Snarky Cards!

In October, 2008, Travels With Two found my Snarky Cards in Grendels; one of my favorite coffee shops on Burnside. Travels with Two is written Melanie Waldman and her husband Adam, who live in L.A. And they travel their city and the country, writing their blog as they go, telling the world the best places of each city that they discover together. The blog is informative, and fun. It’s nice to know if I ever get married, I can still travel with my husband.

In September, 2008, Mike Burnett  was solicited by me in a bar. He liked it. And afterwards,  he interviewed me extensively about Snarky Cards and put it up on Describe The Ruckus. screenshot-welcome-to-describetheruckuscom-mozilla-firefox1I think it’s my favorite interview so far. He paid attention to my answers, quoting me just as I wrote. Afterwards I ran into him at a show and he said “Yes. You were the perfect asshole!” Which I took to be one of the highest of compliments. And you can read the whole thing on Describe The Ruckus, which is also a handy guide to what’s-what around Portland.