scream2The wonderful thing about scream is that it pulls some of the best elements from the movies: terrifying gore, hard-to-solve mysteries and un self-conscious, self-referential mocking. And it reframes the basic plot into the now: the girl who caused the controversy all those years ago is grown up now, with a girl of her own. Making The Slutty Mother a girl we feel like we know. The Neve-Not-Neve character is more afraid than our favorite hero from the 90’s movies and therefore, more closed off. But we saw a young Neve. Maybe this is where she was headed all along.

The MTV show echos some of the great teen dramas. Vacillating between Veronica Mars, Smallville, Buffy, Pretty Little Liars and Twisted, with a hint of Broadchurch’s “It could be any of us” small town creepiness sprinkled over all of it.

scream1And 15 min into episode one you have the ironic self-talk. “You can’t do a slasher movie as a show. Slasher movies burn bright and fast. TV needs to stretch things out.” Claims Noah, the nerd/serial-killer-hobbyist who narrates the show for us. He also makes the differences sc3between the show and the movies clear in the first episode: “We need to share the things we do. Or it’s like it never happened.” Promising you lots of hidden videos, and studied footage as we slowly unmask our murderer(s).

In order to stretch it out, the writers mash-up elements from all the horror movies ever: the misty lake, the teenagers partying unsupervised, un-alarmed/amused by the possible danger, a man with a knife and a mask, the small town with old, murdery secrets, the urban legend coming to life.

sc4The gore doesn’t pull any punches. And the characters ruthlessly evaluate themselves, their motives and their goals, so that you don’t have to.

It’s one of those teen dramas where everybody already seems to know who they are, and the kids have to unravel the adults secrets in order to Save The Day.

The writers sew sweetness and hilarity in with the gore and suspense, making you care all the more.

If you liked  the movies, you’ll love this show.